Molar and Toothpaste slip-on shoes

Molar and Toothpaste slip-on shoes

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Slip into some new sneakers and take these kicks on all your adventures! You can wear them anytime, anywhere and always be in style.

Long Shifts? Standing for hours?

Not only are these Molar and Toothpaste Slip-ons incredibly cute, they're also very, VERY lightweight and super comfortable! They make the perfect fun shoes for work and stay as soft and wearable at the end of the day as they did at the start.


Feel like you’re walking on air, because you ARE! Our soles are made from high-quality EVA. EVA is made up of thousands of tiny bubbles that hold air joined together. When these bubbles are compressed, they provide unparalleled cushioning and shock absorption.


EVA is considered to be far more environmentally friendly than any other sole material such as PU or rubber. EVA doesn’t use chlorine in its production, which means there is less toxicity released during degradation. It's also free of any plasticizers, BPA and formamide.

That's how you get a shoe that is both functional and safe for the environment.


Sizing: 35 - 45
Main material: Mesh Fabric
Sole: EVA


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